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Mater Hospital - Notification Of Free Shuttle Bus Service

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Free Shuttle Bus Service

As part of the development of an enhanced adult hospital campus, the Mater hospital will close the public car park on Eccles Street TODAY to enable the creation of a new car park with 444 permanent spaces in just a few months time (Spring 2012).

From next Monday 12th September a clearly identifiable FREE shuttle bus service will operate from selected pick up points in the area to the main entrance of the hospital.

Running Monday to Friday between 8am to 5pm inclusive the first pick up point is Q-Park car park Marlborough Street, stopping at Parnell Street (opposite the Rotunda Hospital) proceeding to Wellington Street car park, stopping at the Mater before returning to Q-Park car park in Marlborough Street. This service will run every 15 minutes.

The hospital regrets the inconvenience caused by the temporary lack of an on-site car park.

Information on this FREE shuttle service, timetable, alternative parking facilities and other related transport information is available on the hospital’s website

Transplant Games 2012 - Apeldoorn, Holland.

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The 14th European Heart & Lung Transplant  Games will take place in Apeldoorn, Holland.  27th June to 1st July 2012. This is a unique experience not to be missed by all Heart & Lung recipients


...and participate at whatever level your able, to show that organ donation works. The following sports are available:

  • GOLF


Training day get together will be organised at A.L.S.A.A (Dublin airport)

The Irish contingent at Vaxjo, Sweden 2010












BRENDAN GILLIGAN @ 087-2281159
SE EAGER @ 087-2574362


On The Podium!

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The Irish Heart Foundation

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A closer alliance is being pursued between our Association and the Irish Heart Foundation. For many years we have been in contact with the IHF to divert queries on Heart Transplantation issues from the general public and many times we have been asked to talk and visit people in hospital who have been diagnosed as needing a Heart Transplant at some future stage.

The Irish Heart Foundation are also interested in forming a new alliance between their organisation, ourselves (IHLTA) and Heart Children to debate and identify many issues of common interest.

Irish Donor Network Spring 2007

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Our Association is a founder member of the IDN and continue to represent the interest of our members in this group.

In 2001 we wrote to the then Minister for Health Micheal Martin, requesting that a formal Irish Transplant Authority be established to oversee every aspect of Donation, Procurement and Transplantation.

Until recently Ireland was the only country in Western Europe without an Authority or controlling body and without laws and legislation governing all aspects of transplant activity. The HSE is currently in the process of setting up a National Transplant Office to which Prof. Jim Egan has been appointed Clinical Lead. We will provide further details when available.


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Message from our Chairman Brendan Gilligan

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You may be aware of recent advertisements in the newspapers concerning:
Public Consultation for the Consent for Donation of Organs for Transplantation. More Information here.
Your Association in conjunction with The Irish Donor Network have expressed a choice of maintaining the current informed consent practice together with
‘Required Request Mandatory Reporting’

Draft Response to Consultation Process:

The Committee and members of the Association agree that of the various consent options contained in the consultation document they wish to express their choice as:
“Maintaining the current informed consent practice with required request and mandatory reporting”

We understand that required request would mean a statutory obligation on appropriate personnel within the ICU’s to approach potential organ donor families requesting organ donation following the patients’ brain death.

We understand mandatory reporting to mean that full and complete records would be maintained in each hospital recording all engagements with potential donors’ families, the outcome, refusals, and the reasons for refusals.

Our Association first wrote to the then Minister Michael Martin in 2001 asking for the establishment of a Formal Transplant Authority to regulate all activities within the area of Donation, Procurement and Transplantation.

We now support the call of our colleagues in The Irish Donor Network who are promoting the establishment of a formal transplant oversight body which we all consider essential to achieve a successful organ transplant program in our country.

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