Irish Heart and Lung Transplant Association

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Support Group Meetings - Important Notice

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Infection Control Mesaures - Group Meetings

The IHLTA have been advised that individuals cannot attend the support group meetings in the below circumstances:


-If they have not had their flu vaccination (this needs to be at least 2 weeks prior)


-If they have CRE or VRE which is symptomatic at the time of the group (bacterial infections)


-If they are less than three months post transplant (while we appreciate that said individuals may have a particular desire to attend, standard protocol for this period is to avoid contact with large groups, where possible)


-If they have been advised to continue to wear a mask/avoid public places by the team


-If they have Burkholderia Cepacia or Burkolderia Multivorans (i.e. if they require isolation/ attend clinic on a different day to other patients)


We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but ultimately, it is for the best interests of all present.

We look forward to seeing you all on February 26.


Thank you.