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Have you liked our Facebook Page yet?

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Our Facebook page, which can be found at , is the quickest and easiest means by which to find out the very latest news from the Irish Heart and Lung Transplant Association.

Whether you're looking for information concerning our fundraising efforts or just to browse some of our photo galleries, Facebook is truly the best means by which to find us! We've even just passed the 1,000 likes mark. A massive thank you to all our supporters!

Organ Donation & Transplantation Report for 2015

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Most people would donate an organ, but many haven't spoken to their family about it

A report released today shows the increase in Ireland in organ donations.

MORE THAN 80% of people said they were willing to donate their own organs or those of a close family member.

However, only 50% of people said they have discussed organ donation with their family, according to the Organ Donation and Transplant Ireland (ODTI) annual report of 2015.

Last year 81 families donated the organs of a loved one, while 33 people donated their kidney to a family member.

Director of ODTI, Professor Jim Egan, said donations were needed more and more.

Last year 266 people received the gift of life. The need for organ transplants continues to increase.

Kidney transplant operations are the most common operations every year, with a total of 120 deceased kidney transplants being carried out last year. However, Egan says there is an on-going need for donations.

At the end of 2015, there were 2,015 people in Ireland on renal dialysis with End Stage Kidney Failure (ESKF) for which the only treatment option for many is kidney transplant.

Last year there was a new record set for lung transplants in Ireland. With 36 lung transplants in Ireland, it is one of the highest in Europe.

The Mater Hospital carried out the first ever combined lung and heart transplant in Ireland as well as an innovative lung transplant procedure using ex-vivo lung perfusion in 2015.

According to Egan, the procedure, which sees unhealthy lungs repaired, will “greatly enhance the potential lung donor pool”.

Donor cards

A third of the population currently carry an organ donor card.

Only 44% of people who said they would donate an organ said they carry a card.

Just over half of people agreed that the family should have the final say in what happens to your organs, but 45% of those said they have discussed organ donation with their family.

Are you going to the Transplant Games?

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Are you traveling to Helsinki for the Transplant Games?

If you are competing this summer and currently fundraising, please contact Seamus Eager. Following his successful event last week, some funds are available.

He is available at 087 2574362.



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In Memory of my Donor - Croagh Patrick Climb

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We were delighted to hear of Owen Trill's plans to climb Croagh Patrick on July 31 in memory of his donor. 

Owen is an active member of the Irish Heart and Lung Transplant Association, having received a heart through the generosity of a donor in late 2014.

The climb is open to everyone, from the general public to donor families and recipients themselves and we're really looking forward to this hugely special event.

Further details may be obtained by contacting Owen on 086 329 5225 or visiting our Facebook page 


Last Updated on Wednesday, 04 May 2016 20:11

Fundraising Event April 29

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Photo coverage of Seamus Eager's highly successful fundraising event in the Purty Kitchen on Friday April 29 is now live on our Facebook page.

We would like to commend Seamus for his magnificent efforts as ever and also thank all of those who attended. It proved to be a really great evening. 

Please see for more information

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